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A unique tool for
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Multiple audits are combined into one comprehensive inspection system. Data collection is made time efficient and user friendly by facilitating information gathering from multiple sources directly, replacing the need for paper and spreadsheets.

Achieve outstanding inspection results

Regular high quality audits are crucial to maintaining and improving an organisation’s operating effectiveness. The ever-expanding complexity of healthcare establishments results in increased audit risk and long processing times. The ward accreditation module automates and consolidates audits, leading to more efficient audit processes and ensuring continuous organisational improvement.



Control the audit life cycle from planning and scheduling to reporting and recommendations.


Enhance the speed and scope of executive decision making.


Automate workflows and minimise audit administration tasks.

Risk awareness

Identify areas in need of attention and mitigate risk.


Increase audit precision.



Real-time ward
to board reporting

Faster response to change

Ward Accreditation audit outcomes are immediately displayed on the executive dashboard providing an opportunity to enhance communication and shorten feedback loop time.

data visualisation

Increased situational awareness

Clear organisational performance visibility is accomplished through accessible data presentation. Identification of areas requiring management support at ward level is precise, allowing efforts to be focused on specific performance indicators.


Targeted data analysis

Trust-specific content ensures that the most relevant data is captured in accordance with organisational requirements.


Fast approval and implementation of RFCs

The flexible structure of the Ward Accreditation module allows multiple changes to audit questions and structure at any time before, during and after deployment.




Increased productivity

Automated to-do lists help ensure timely completion of critical audits by highlighting due dates and generating reminders.

Use of mobile

Enhanced mobility

Audits can be completed in real-time on mobile devices, eliminating the need for rewriting data upon return to the office.


Less mundane work

Audit results are automatically published to the executive dashboard, eliminating the need for manual reporting.

Well organised user

More time for data analysis

A straightforward, intuitive and robust data collection interface minimises the auditor’s workload and saves valuable time.



CQC KLoE inclusion

Improved results of CQC inspections

By incorporating key lines of enquiry in its structure, the Ward Accreditation module gives staff a “business as usual” feel to CQC assessments, utilising familiarity to reduce stress during inspections.

Single data input

Efficiency savings

Mobile technology allows direct and immediate data input which results in paper and spreadsheet stages being eliminated in the auditor’s workflow, helping to further efficiency savings.

Automated data

More efficiency savings

Automation removes the need for manual processing and frees up administrative and managerial staff to work on other key tasks, driving efficiency savings for the Trust.

iOS, Android,
Windows, macOS

Cost savings

Devices previously purchased by the Trust can be utilised for Analytics. The system can also be deployed to staff members’ personal mobile devices, removing the need for purchasing hardware.

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